Research & Development

Product Development and improvement of existing products is an imperative parts of success and growth in the pharmaceuticals industry. The company’s emphasis on this has served as a major tool for reaching the highest levels.
At Himark Laboratories a team of professionals is working continuously for the improvement of existing products, as well as for the development of new ones. Routine stability testing of products is also conducted by this department.

Himark Laboratories has developed one of the most progressed and sensitive R&D facilities in the country. The core strength of our team is our foresight which enables us to come up with the desired product at the opposite time. The in-depth knowledge of the industry, science, and technology helps us develop new and effective products for the most pernicious diseases.

We have our R&D team scientists with vast knowledgebase. To keep up with the pace of today’s fast-growing pharmaceutical industry, the R&D team regularly participates in technical programs and seminars so that they are better able to tackle new challenges and help develop better products. To facilitate the R&D team, Himark Laboratory is designed and equipped to meet international standards. The R&D team is working on developing a multi-therapeutic product pipeline.

At Himark Laboratories we are committed to thriving and bringing forth new products which will help us in serving humanity in a more effective way. With a dedicated R&D team and facilities of international standards, we believe that together we will be able to meet the challenges and continue our drive toward progress.