Himark Laboratories has an in-house team of specialists responsible to take care of utilities and engineering. Proper and effective management of air handling and water purification system are the prime responsibilities of this department in addition to routine maintenance of the facility. A detailed preventive maintenance plan is always in place and exercised religiously to avoid interruption in manufacturing activity by minimizing any potential breakdown.


All production areas are provided with the proper HVAC system. Independent air handling units are used to avoid cross-contamination and to control temperature, relative humidity, and bio-burden. Air Handling Units are equipped with pre-filtration, cooling coils for control of temperature, dehumidifiers for control of humidity, and blowers for air-flow management. Terminal HEPA Filters and a desiccant-based de-humidification system are provided where required.

Water Purification System

Himark Laboratories has ensured that only specially purified water, prepared using a combination of filtration, reverse osmosis, and distillation techniques is used for the manufacturing of its products.