Quality Control

Quality Control is an integral part of every pharmaceutical manufacturing unit; at Himark Laboratories , we have an independent QC unit equipped with the most advanced apparatus for laboratory tests & analysis. Our QC unit validates all its methods & equipment to conform to regulatory protocols. We implement stringent quality control procedures at every stage of production, from the point of entry of raw materials until the finished products leave the plant.

At Himark Laboratories , The Company has the facility for Microbiological testing required for various products or raw materials. Microbiological Laboratory is furnished with (i) Laminar Flow Hood (ii) Incubator (iii) Colony counter (iv) a Refrigerator (v)Centrifuge Machine and various media required to check microbiological growth in the laboratory.

Our Quality Control team receives training that empowers them the knowledge of excellence in quality and the desire to achieve zero defects

Quality Control Houses the advanced operations of working with highly talented and professional individuals along with the impressive support of the most modern and latest equipment e.g., HPLCs, Spectrophotometer, and other essential appliances.