Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

At Himark Laboratories the core quality management groups cut across all functional departments to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the quality policy and quality management system. The quality assurance team effectively focuses on each step starting from the raw material sourcing to packing and storing of the finished products.

To run the quality system effectively and produce the highest standard products, all the required human, material, technical, and financial resources are periodically and thoroughly reviewed. The prime objective is the effective management of our operations and the substantiation of activities within the organization. These resources include but are not limited to:

  • Human Resource Skills
  • Design and Development Equipment
  • Inspection, Testing, and Examination Equipment
  • Instrumentation and Computer Software

Here at Himark Laboratories, a planned and systematic pattern of all means and actions is designed to ensure that our products meet the established standard specifications, legal requirements, and the organization’s quality objectives. Quality planning at Himark Laboratories emphasizes on:

  • Internal Quality Assurance
  • External Quality Assurance
  • Effectiveness and Suitability of Quality System

Being an ISO 9001-certified company; we have extended our efforts to the Total Quality Management Program for the benefit of the organization itself, its members, and society as a whole.

Quality Assurance Department is a fully operational department with its dendrites inside each and every process occurring at any stage inside the company. The department has three major sections housing a large number of experienced and well-trained professionals working efficiently in their domains. The sections are:

  • In-Process Control has a separate highly equipped IPC Lab for routine testing of all processes
  • Documentation Control
  • Validation