Business Development & Exports

The assigned personnel in this department have the task to keep abreast with latest market demands and other business opportunities arising at various medical institutions within Pakistan as well as promoting our exports, They assess the real requirements of the purchasing entity, following up with all essential government and other approvals if required, analysis of the relevant pros and cons and the cost involved with final emphasis on the desired bottom line.


Innovation is the key to improving health and sustaining progressive growth and profitability.

Teamwork & Adaptability:

We work as one team to achieve our corporate vision & mission and are passionate about change.


Integrity gathers together several related behaviours such as honesty, fairness, kindness and being straightforward.  Business and teamwork both thrive on trust. It is our ongoing integrity in everyday activities, such as being honest and following up on our promises, which is essential to building and maintaining that trust.

Professional Skills: 

The pharmaceuticals business requires high levels of professional skills. We cannot perform, either individually or as a team or as a company, without them. We endeavour to bring into the business high calibre individuals, who either possess the necessary skills or have the capability and aptitude of gaining them. We provide ample learning opportunities for employees to gain and develop their range of professional skills through experience or guidance on the job.

Customer focus: 

We are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our customers, and we constantly focus on customer satisfaction.