Joint venture Of Himark Laboratories With Shabzada Buzargkhail Ansary Ltd. (SBA) Afghinistan

Joint Venture Of Himark Laboratories With Shabzada Buzargkhail Ansary Ltd. (SBA) Afghanistan

Being a responsible Medicine Company, we are pleased to announce that Himark Laboratories is joining hands with Shabzada Buzargkhail Ansary Ltd. (SBA) for upcoming projects. We are collaborating in Afghanistan to work on new ideas so you can get more effective results from our research.

Research Methodology and Ideas

The primary mission for collaborating with SBA – Shabzada Buzargkhail Ansary Ltd. is to research thoroughly, using combinations of advanced machinery and human brains.

Different ideas with different mindsets must be discussed and worked on to get effective results in Medicine Industry.

The collaboration of two companies is seen as effective every time; our partnership will surely enhance the level of Afghanistan’s medicine industry. Bless us with wishes because new researches are on its way.

What Beterments in The Medicine Industry Can Be Seen With A Healthy Collaboration?

Not every time can a medicine company get different types of machinery for the same procedure; besides solid research, we see practical ideas produced when different mindsets come at the same platform.

  1. Double Team, More Benefits.
  2. Variety of ideas/projects to work on.
  3. Different methods of research.
  4. Double Machinery and test methods to perform.
  5. Cost-effective introduction of the product in the market.

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